7 Insights that Prove Film Photography Isn’t Dead

Film photography isn’t dead, and plenty of insights prove the truth of this statement. Digital photography has given us unthinkable possibilities when it comes to photography, but something about film makes it unique. From mature photographers to the most recent newcomers, everybody feels a certain kinship with, or intrigue, about film photography. Perhaps hipster culture aided this recent enthusiasm for film (or not!).

Source: 7 Insights that Prove Film Photography Isn’t Dead

The Common and the Garden

frog pond | ice rink

The “Cyclone Storm” had just hit and we were warned we might be knocked back to the ice age. However, in the end it was just a really nice snow, and as anyone can tell here there was really not even that much snow left on the ground when I went for a photo walk through the Boston Common, the Public Garden and part way down Commonwealth Avenue. It was a very nice day, even the temps were up near 50. From 3 degrees with a wind chill of -25, to almost 70 degrees in less than a week… what can you say?




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