Sony A9 Announcement

Sony A9
Sony A9

First of all, this is the first time a mirrorless camera is aiming at something mirrorless has been struggling with when compared to DSLRs, which is autofocus speed, subject tracking and blackouts. While it is hard to say how well the new AF system on the A9 is going to be compared to high-end DSLR cameras, the message here is clear – Sony is going to do what it takes to make on-sensor AF as good as a dedicated phase-detection AF system. Second, the Sony A9 is a proof of concept that DSLRs have reached thei

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Sirui K20X

Sirui K-20X
Great medium size ball head

This is just a medium size ball head, but has specs way beyond the pale.  Its size and weight are not overwhelming one bit when you break this thing open for the first time.  However, its strength and holding ability, along with the weight rating from Sirui, well, pretty darn impressive.

I stress this is medium size and weight, because if that is exactly what you’re looking for this model, the K-20X over-delivers for the price.  Certainly if you’re one of the big boys shooting the LONG glass you might want to be looking at Sirui’s bigger models, or of course Really Right Stuff.

If you want to take a closer look at it here, or here is a good place.

Oh, and by the way, I watched every YouTube video I could, certainly on this model as well as many, many other brands.  I sat by and listened to many of these poor folks reviewing and un-boxing just absolutely butcher the name of the company.  Can’t blame them really, I certainly didn’t know for a while.  So, here is a little help I couldn’t get from anyone.  The way you pronounce their name is: “Sue-Ray.”

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CP+ 2017: Olympus interview

DPReview attended the 2017 CP+ show in Yokohama, a few weeks ago, and during the show we made time to sit down with senior executives from several major manufacturers. One of them was Mr. Masamichi Handa, head of Olympus’s Imaging Business Division. We spoke to Mr. Handa about reaction to the E-M1 Mark II, his ambitions for the future of mirrorless cameras, and the effect of last spring’s earthquake on production.

Source: CP+ 2017: Olympus interview: ‘We chose to be bold’: Digital Photography Review

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Nikon D7500 Announcement

nikon d7500
Nikon D7500

Last night Nikon unveiled the new D7500 DSLR camera. The much anticipated update to the D7200 that was announced back in March of 2015 comes with a few updates that puts it close to the Nikon D500 in terms of features and speed – the same 20.9 MP APS-C sensor and EXPEED 5 processor, fast 8 fps continuous shooting (vs 6 fps on the D7200), a larger buffer that can accommodate up to 50 RAW images, the same 180K RGB metering sensor as on the D500 (although the AF system is still the good old 51-point Multi-CAM 3500DX II), a tilting touchscreen, a deeper and improved grip, Bluetooth + WiFi (SnapBridge), improved weather sealing and 4K video recording. In addition, the D7500 also gains some of the firmware functionality of the D500, such as “Auto AF Fine Tune” that allows to automatically calibrate focus on lenses. Overall, it looks like a very welcome update. Except for two disappointing blunders – Nikon dropped the second card slot and took away the ability to use a battery grip on the D7500.

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Naked Shape Shifter 17

Thinktankphoto Shape Shifter Naked 17 v2.0
One of the best photo backpacks you can get!

I’m able to get every piece of photo gear I carry in this beast, two bodies, four lenses, a TC and various cables and things and it still fits like a glove, is crazy comfortable and as shown, will easily accommodate this monster Gitzo 5543 tripod. Amazing.

Build your own custom carrying solution by attaching Skin Pouches or Lens Changers to the inside of the backpack.The Naked Shape Shifter innovative design makes it one of the most flexible carrying solutions for professional photographers. While traveling or on location, the backpack expands and contracts to fit your workflow. The Shape Shifter series also features dedicated tablet and smartphone pockets, roller handle pass-through sleeve, removable water bottle pouch and updated pouch design.

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ProMediaGear Releases Pro-Stix 34 Series Carbon-Fiber

ProMediaGear has launched the new Pro-Stix 34 Series carbon-fiber tripods, designed and built for professional photographers and videographers. There are four models in the rugged line—the TR343, TR343L, TR344 and TR344L. Rated to support camera systems weighing up to 60 pounds, the compact and lightweight tripods are made of 10x carbon-fiber and precision CNC-machined, making them especially suitable for travel.

Source: ProMediaGear Releases Pro-Stix 34 Series Carbon-Fiber Tripods – Digital Photo Pro