7 Insights that Prove Film Photography Isn’t Dead

Film photography isn’t dead, and plenty of insights prove the truth of this statement. Digital photography has given us unthinkable possibilities when it comes to photography, but something about film makes it unique. From mature photographers to the most recent newcomers, everybody feels a certain kinship with, or intrigue, about film photography. Perhaps hipster culture aided this recent enthusiasm for film (or not!).

Source: 7 Insights that Prove Film Photography Isn’t Dead

Common & Public Garden

The last few remaining days of “cool” weather before the cold rushes in. I was trying to snag what little bit of foliage we had in the parks of Boston. I was in New York much of the season, so my opportunities were limited. Still, love the color of the tree I found at the pond in the Public Garden.

Edit RAW Images on Your iPhone

Now that iOS 11 supports RAW image file formats from a multitude of cameras, the door has opened to actually editing RAW images on your phone and iPad. Of course, that comes with its own unique set of constraints (storage and processing power leap to mind). But if you’re willing to go mobile, the new RAW Power app from Gentlemen Coders can accommodate your desires

Source: Edit RAW Images on Your iPhone with RAW Power

Top 10 Solar Eclipse Photos

“shot of a lifetime”

If you didn’t realize there was a massive solar eclipse yesterday across the United States, then you probably didn’t spend much time on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and for all I know maybe Snapchat were buzzing about the eclipse. Photos mainly looked like a blurry tipped crescent moon on a black sky, or a photo from the inside of a viewing contraption. Some people were a bit more prepared though. Much more prepared in fact. Check out these top 10 captures from today’s solar eclipse.

Source: Top 10 Solar Eclipse Photos Found Around the Web | Fstoppers

Bridge at the Fens

fenway bridge | pencil sketch

I really love the old tenement buildings along the back of the Fenway. I’ve had many friends that lived in them at one time or another and always though it was amazing to have the Fenway and the mfa out your front window.

I use this bridge all the time and tried to get the creek, bridge and the tenement buildings all in the sketch. It was crazy cold that day, with a little ice still on the creek.

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