Color is beautiful, color is powerful. The greatest photographers have complete control of the use of color in their images. This great video walks you through many examples of their work and shows off just what an important tool it is.

The restrictive and selective use of color is a nuanced thing that when mastered can give you a remarkable level of control of the viewer’s attention and the overall mood and focus of an image. I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes don’t consider my palette as much as I should, but every time I see the work of such greeats as shown in the video above, I’m reinspired to do so. I think Forbes’ characterization of complementary colors being analogous to black and white is particularly apt; it highlights their contrasting¬†(in the light, not complementary sense of the word) nature and underscores how one can attain a directness of communication typically reserved for monochromatic representation (think street photography or portraiture). I totally recommend taking 15 minutes to watch the video and let the slideshow of gorgeous work¬†wash over you. If you have any images that focus on the use of color, please share them in the comments!