Nikon D850 Body Price Around $3,600 ? 

The Nikon D850 specs list is already get leaked online. And the images of Nikon D850 also leaked online. The price of Nikon D850 is still unknown yet. There are a lot of rumors on the web about price of Nikon D850. According to several sources from the world, the Nikon D850 may have a price tag around $3,600 for body only in US. The price in Switzerland is 3,499 CHF , that’s around 3,600 USD, and according to Chinese forum, the price for D850 body is China is 23,999 CNY, also around 3,600 USD. Stay tuned

Source: Nikon D850 Body Price Around $3,600 ? | Nikon Rumors CO

Bridge at the Fens

fenway bridge | pencil sketch

I really love the old tenement buildings along the back of the Fenway. I’ve had many friends that lived in them at one time or another and always though it was amazing to have the Fenway and the mfa out your front window.

I use this bridge all the time and tried to get the creek, bridge and the tenement buildings all in the sketch. It was crazy cold that day, with a little ice still on the creek.

the boston artist

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Central Park In Manhattan

central park, NY | oil on canvas

Painting of the bright fall trees in Manhattan. There were quite a few late blooming trees this year in Central Park. I really enjoyed painting this one, along with a couple more I did this last trip to NY. The weather was spectacular, so I spent pretty much the entire day in the park.

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Newport Trek

newport mansions | color photography

It was a spectacular day, not even a hint of wind. There were many sightseers walking the cliffs, and many taking pictures of the coastline.

I walked around the corner, southeast of The Breakers Estate, to get situated. The cliff walk is interrupted momentarily there with a bit of sandy beach, and the mansions become less grand as you go. It was a nice enough spot and I picked up these four shots just before the sun went down.

Newport Trek
Boston Art Gallery

Nikon says full-frame D850 will ‘exceed expectations’

Nikon has announced its latest mid-range DSLR camera will be the D850. The full-frame D850 will be the successor to the D810, and Nikon says the new FX-format DSLR is “engineered with a range of new technologies.” The company has not provided any specs or details, but says information will be released at a later date. The announcement also comes on the 100th anniversary of the company’s inception.

Source: Nikon says full-frame D850 will ‘exceed expectations’ – The Verge

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