Sirui K20X

Sirui K-20X
Great medium size ball head

This is just a medium size ball head, but has specs way beyond the pale.  Its size and weight are not overwhelming one bit when you break this thing open for the first time.  However, its strength and holding ability, along with the weight rating from Sirui, well, pretty darn impressive.

I stress this is medium size and weight, because if that is exactly what you’re looking for this model, the K-20X over-delivers for the price.  Certainly if you’re one of the big boys shooting the LONG glass you might want to be looking at Sirui’s bigger models, or of course Really Right Stuff.

If you want to take a closer look at it here, or here is a good place.

Oh, and by the way, I watched every YouTube video I could, certainly on this model as well as many, many other brands.  I sat by and listened to many of these poor folks reviewing and un-boxing just absolutely butcher the name of the company.  Can’t blame them really, I certainly didn’t know for a while.  So, here is a little help I couldn’t get from anyone.  The way you pronounce their name is: “Sue-Ray.”

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