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I got pretty serious about photography in my early twenties. I started out shooting fashion and commercial stuff, a little bit of architecture and lots and lots of portraits. I guess that was the foundation for my current passion(s). My primary interests now are cityscape and landscape fine art, headshots and a bit of architecture. Read more

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Commercial & Residential Art

The majority of my fine art photography, mostly the architecture, cityscapes and seascapes are purposed for office  and residential decor.   Although the bulk of my work finds its way into homes and business in the Boston, NY and surrounding areas—I am frequently contacted by European businesses that desire huge prints of Boston and NY hanging in their offices.  Please feel free to contact me if I might be able to embellish your particular commercial or residential space with fine art photography. See my gallery links below.

B&W Architectural Photography

Ihave had a special fondness for B&W photography since owning my first camera.  This is not unusual for those of us that started out with B&W film.  My love of B&W has extended over the years to artistic architectural photography.  Click the button to go to my B&W gallery.

Premium Urban Photography

Whether it’s black and white or color, urban photography is my favorite.  I can walk around the cities, especially Boston and New York for hours, days or weeks looking at the infinite spaces and places waiting to be photographed.  Many have been photographed millions of times before.  Many more, however—have not.  I try to find those spots that have not been previously photographed ad nauseam.  Some you just can’t resist, but there are so many hidden treasures out there, it’s very intriguing to always be on the lookout for them when doing a photo trek.


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