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About Me

I got pretty serious about photography in my early twenties. I started out shooting fashion and commercial stuff, a little bit of architecture and lots and lots of portraits. I guess that was the foundation for my current passion(s). My primary interests now are cityscape and landscape fine art, headshots and a bit of architecture. 

I spend about the same amount of time shooting landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes, as headshots. As for location, I guess I’d say I spend a bit more time in Boston, a bit less in New York. Most of my fine art photography is purposed for commercial and residential decor. I like to set up gallery showings a couple of times a year when the opportunities present themselves.

My people photography transformed over the years as the terminology changed. I started out shooting what I guess we called portraits. I say it that way because back then we called just about everything having to do with people, a portrait. Soon afterward, as things got a little more REAL, like large commercial swimwear and active-wear shoots with huge budgets, I figured out very fast how much of an AMATEUR photographer I was at the time. That had to change, real quick.

Not long after my wake up call I was shooting composites, contact sheets, portfolios, ad story-lines, and tons of models and other folks I was instructed to address as “the talent.” Now I was shooting for agencies, magazines, catalogs and other business endeavors in the clothing, makeup and beauty business. I even found myself doing layouts for billboards a couple of times–that was… “different.”

Eventually, it seemed everything I shot for people became “headshots.” I’d say this was just about the same time I noticed the incredible proliferation of headshot photographers, everywhere.

Like most photographers, I’ve shot many other things over the years, but stick primarily to artwork and headshots, these days. I very much enjoy working with other photographers and going over every inch of Boston and New York, through a lens.

If you have any questions about artwork for your decor, or headshots in the business, acting or performing arts arena feel free to reach out to me through my CONTACT FORM or email me and I’ll get back in touch right away.

Thanks for stopping by!
Thomas – the boston artist
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