BU and Grand Junction Railroad Bridge

The Grand Junction Railroad bridge running under the BU bridge has probably been photographed, and graffitied, too many times to count.  Amazingly, most of the Grand Junction was still in use hauling scrap to and from Everett’s Schnitzer scrap yard, as well as freight to the Chelsea Produce Market, until only a few years ago.


In November of 2012, Amtrak and MBTA equipment moves were limited to 5 miles per hour over the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge, and freight traffic was not allowed to use the bridges. On November 21, the bridge was closed to all rail traffic due to its poor condition. The bridge reopened in early January 2013, but was closed again from March to June for additional structural repairs.


The Grand Junction was chartered in April of 1847 connecting railroads entering Boston from the North and West with the East Boston wharves.


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