Commissioning Artwork

Your Own Custom Made Artwork for your Business or Home Decor

Custom Creation Just For You

Beautiful artwork created to your standards and aesthetic requirements. After an initial free consultation, we will have established the perfect piece for your space. I will then provide you with several photographic options of the artwork you wish to have painted, sketched or simply augmented photographically into a beautiful print to be framed or illustrated with a wooden, glass or even metal finish.

I offer Three Artwork Styles

If you need or desire beautiful Cityscape or Landscape Artwork of Boston for your apartment, business or commercial space, I can provide a custom piece for you based entirely on what amazing Boston vista you prefer. I create three genres of art, SKETCH on aged -or- modern premium papers. An oil on canvas print on heavy cotton canvas, with a heavy floating or flat frame. And, of course–a large photographic print, floating modern style, multiple finishes like glass or metal, or in a traditional frame with your choice of a mat that matches the decor. There are many frames to select from.

Artwork Exclusivity

Your investment in modern digital fine art with me is safe and exclusive to you.  Your piece is provided to you with a written guarantee and certificate of authenticy ensuring the piece is being created and sold to you as the first-time buyer.  The guarantee is that your artwork is a “one-of-one” piece. Moreover, it can never be sold or supplied, for any use or reason, to anyone else.

Commissioned Artwork Investment by Size

Investment noted below includes, fully, initial consultation, a scoutting of the area and subsequent discussion of your particular needs for the location/artwork.  I will photograph and mock-up a representation for approval.  Finally, upon approval I will digitally paint the subject area, building or interior and upload the digital painting to the server for framing, matting and final assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a digital file of my artwork, what can I do with it?

Right, from here on out there is a digital file in my inventory that represents the template for your artwork.  For the price you have paid for your initial commissioned artwork you now possess something unique to non-natural medium art.  You may, in the future, request additional pieces of your artwork, in larger or smaller prints, depending on the size of your current piece.  Moreover, the charge to you will come with a 15% discount from the origianl or first-time price.

What is your refund policy?

I offer no-questions-asked refunds to all customers within 30 days of their art purchase. If you are not satisfied with my artwork, then simply send me an email and I will refund your purchase right away.*  My goal has always been to create a highly satisfied body of individuals who’ve acquired at least one piece of art from me over the years . If you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then I have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy art buyer.

*I retain a modest 15% fee for frames and other material cost I cannot recover when custom and commissioned artwork is returned.  There is no fee or charge for the initial labor scouting locations and preparing for producing your custom artwork.

What does "digitally painted" mean?

My oil painting style is “oil on canvas.”  The process by which I create your commissioned paintings or sketch work is by scouting or examining the area, architecture, interior, cityscape or landscape you are interested in, and photographing that area from many perspectives and viewpoints.  Sometimes, many captures are made at different times of day for best possible aesthetic. I then select the best image or images, which sometimes involves painstakingly merging and mixing the best parts of each capture. I then digitally paint the image, in the case of an oil on canvas example, using the latest state of the art digital painting software, and implementing the same techniques I have used in the past for natural medium paintings.  The final result is then output to the size and finish you desire, which cannot be done with a single natural medium painting.

Are you (the artist) able to re-sell a print of my artwork to someone else, later?

One aspect of your investment in this unique art medium, is that you hold exclusive rights.  Without getting technical or overly legal, what it means is that I (the artist) may not at any time in the future, sell, loan, rent, lease or allow use of any kind–of the artwork involved in this transaction.  You have sole and exclusive rights to this piece and I cannot do anything privately or commercially with the artwork, beyond maintaining the digital file in my possession.

What if I want my painting, sketch or photograph re-printed or created at a later time, in a different size, and maybe even on a different finish?

In the event you would like more or different versions of your artwork, I will provide them in the size and finish you desire, at a 15% discount off your original price.  Therefore, if the price of any particular artwork has increased since your initial investment, I will give you 15% off your original investment cost and not the current price.

I see four sizes and prices, is it possible to get different sizes?

 Yes, as a matter of fact the prices you see are based/priced on the longest edge of the artwork (the longest edge of the two numbers in the size listed).  Depending on the size and aspect ratio of the final piece, the short side of the print might be different.  If you would like smaller versions than noted above, or larger, please feel free to contact me and we can work out a size that fits your specific requirements.

What types of art may I commission you to do?

Currently, I do photographic fine art, mostly cityscapes and landscapes.  I do sketch work, the same subject matter, but more urban, city, street and architecture.  Of course, I do paintings, oil on canvas prints.  Lastly, I do digital art that may be just about any subject matter and represents many different types of art for a wide variety of tastes and settings.

Don't Be Shy

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.