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Indeed, for headshots at this level, $150 (all-in) is a crazy price.  Nevertheless, several times a year I run this rate to take advantage of seasonal changes, and all the opportunities to get new and different shots with environmental portraits, photos and headshots.

As far as what you get for $150?  It’s pretty significant, actually.  I’m not cutting things down to a 15 minute polaroid as one might think.  I will do several “looks” if that’s what you need. I won’t limit the time or number of photos up front.  We can talk about what your expectations or needs are currently for headshots, and take it from there. My goal is to work everything you need, within reason, into my $150 special.  You will even get a single page website for an image or two you want for your finished headshot, along with a bio or specific information you may want with your image.

Anyway, this is just a post to let everyone know this rate is currently available.  To get more information you can shoot over here to a recent headshot posting, for more details.  There’s a box on the post with the current offer, along with my usual packages and service offerings.  Also, CONTACT ME if you have any direct questions you’d like answered.

Have a super day.

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