Fens War Memorial

Memorial wall at the Fens War Memorial next to the Kelleher Rose Garden and Victory Gardens.  This memorial is in a splendid location, also surrounded by the Fenway neighborhood, the mfa as well as Fenway Park.

The Fens is a large picturesque park that forms part of Boston’s Emerald Necklace. It is essentially an ancient spot of saltwater marshland that has been surrounded by dry land, disconnected from the tides of the Atlantic Ocean, and landscaped into a park with fresh water within. The park is also known as the Fens or the Fenway. The latter term can also refer to either the surrounding neighborhood or the parkway on its southern border.

When Boston was settled in the early 17th century the Shawmut Peninsula on which it was built was connected to Roxbury by a spit of sandy ground called “The Neck.” The adjacent area of marshland to the west was a tidal flat of the Charles River. The area became malodorous with time as it became tainted with sewage from the growing settlement.


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