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Cityscape Photography

I’d have to say cityscapes are my passion.  It’s often difficult to say which one I prefer shooting MOST since I feel about the same whenever I’m setting up for a shot, regardless of land, sea or city.  Click on the cityscape above or CLICK HERE to go straight to the cityscape gallery.

Seascape Photography

I feel fortunate living in a place where there is such an incredible city to photography, and then just a few hundred yards to the east there is an ocean, as well as many miles of coast land both north and south.  Click the seascape above or CLICK HERE to go to my seascape gallery.

Landscape Photography

Whenever I used to think of a “landscape photographer” I always thought of someone shooting in Scotland or New Zealand.  Again, I feel fortunate to have great countryside and landscapes so close to where I do my cityscape photography.  To straight to my landscape gallery click the image above or CLICK HERE.