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Headshot Prices

Four Packages ranging from students, to professionals and performing artists

Pretty Amazing Headshot Opportunity

So, I offer this VERY low headshot package several times a year, but the main point is you’re really going to get all you need, most likely.  Feel free to click the red button below to get more information about this offer.  Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks for giving me a look regarding your very personal and special professional headshots.  I’ve been shooting “corporate portraits,” modeling portfolios, executives, actors, athletes, comp-cards and students for over 20 years.  Gleaning from these years of experience, I’ve put together the 4 most frequently requested photo sessions, along with the specific investment for that level.  Take a look below for more specific information for each session. Thanks again for stopping by.

Select From Four Distinct Sessions

Photographers sometimes make the session selection process a bit daunting or complicated.  I’ve tried to present and explain my sessions in the most straightforward way I’ve found yet.  Below are my investment levels along with the basic session layout you can expect at each level.  As always, I’m nevertheless flexible and want to make sure you’re satisfied, above all. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time for a new headshot?

This answer will change depending on whether you’re an actor, corporate professional, author, or simply your look has changed a lot. Actors pretty much know it’s about their look, whether it has changed a lot, a little or they need a certain look for an important audition. Other professionals and artists can’t go wrong with every few years. when we look at ourselves we don’t normally see as much change as others do, especially someone that has not seen you in a long time. Have someone you know and trust look at an old photography, portrait or headshot, and give you an honest opinion about your need for a new “look” or headshot.

How is payment taken care of?

I always suggest trying to schedule a session at least two weeks prior to the shoot. I require 50% at the time of the scheduling, and the remaining balance the day of the shoot, prior to the session. The initial 50% deposit is non-refundable, which is why I like to have sessions with my clients about their needs, vision and expectations, prior to any commitments.

What do I bring for outfits?

Again, this may change depending on whether or not you’re an actor, a business professional or student. Actors, models, dancers and other performing artists, should bring as much as they are comfortable bringing. We certainly don’t need everything, but the idea is having things to choose from and mix and match. Professionals, bring what you normally wear to work, and we can peel down a little for less casual. Students and people wanting headshots for social media, my recommendation is bringing several things you normally wear everyday, and are comfortable in. Don’t bring or wear clothes you normally wouldn’t and certainly not anything you’re uncomfortable wearing.

But, what about...

Again, in the past I’ve had dozens and dozens of FAQ’s. Yet, I’ve found it’s far better to save most Q&A for this all important phone or in-person conversation I speak of. Many times the questions are more individual or session specific and we can get you much better answers and information talking one-on-one.

Don't Be Shy

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.

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