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Pierce Boston and Landmark Center

Since opening in 1928 the Landmark Center in Boston has provided the splendid aesthetic of quinticentel commercial space near the trailing end of Edward Olmstead’s Emerald Necklace.

With the opening of the 378-foot Pierce Boston Condos in 2018 a new and modern aesthetic has been added to this historic section of Boston.

I waited for what seemed like many years for the section of Higgin’s Circle along the Emerald Necklace to be completed, connecting it very smoothly with the Fens.  For walkers and bikers this is an incredible journey that provides a great path all the way to the Charles.

Below are links to a few more galleries and photography work I have on this site.  I’m also happy to discuss commission work for specific photography you may be thinking about for your home or commercial space.

Additionally,  I am available for professional and enviornmental headshot sessions if you need an update, or have never ventured into an alternative to the garden variety $19.95 portrait session.

Premium Photography

Click here to see my featured gallery of premium photography, mostly Boston cityscapes with some landscape and seascape images mixed in.

Professional Headshots

I’ve been shooting headshots, portraits, composites, portfolios and comp-cards for about 20 years. Click here for examples of my recent work.

Urban Photography

My urban, street and “many other things” gallery is still under construction, so this portal doens’t link to anything, yet.  I will be working hard to get this gallery populated, soon.

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