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Reach Out to Discuss Your Headshot

For anything from an actor casting call, to an executive profile for your business–to social media, a great headshot not only makes you feel better, it shows off your style, and tells the world you have class and good taste.

Reach out to me if you’d like a studio, location or environmental headshot to seriously up your game, and choose an alternative to the garden variety $19.95 portrait session at the mall.

Go-To! $150

I really want this to be a simple, uncomplicated and enjoyable experience.  Moreover, I want the price to be right. I will tell you up front, ninety-five percent of folks looking for exceptional headshots will be satisfied with the results of my $150 package.  I make this offer several times a year, in case a client is looking for a seasonal, environmental feel to their headshot. If you’d like to take advantage of this incredible offer, CLICK HERE to contact me.  If you’re looking for something more extensive or elaborate, my normal packages are listed below.

Student | $450

Again, really simple.  If my basic headshot session won’t fit the bill for you, we can substantially increase the session and services.  This package is still only $450 and will far exceed what most reputable and experienced headshot photographers are offereing at nearly twice the price.  Click on this box for more information on the $450 Student price option.

Lifestyle | $650

Not only does the headshot session benefits and services increase with my higher-level packages, you will notice the website and online bio tools do as well.  Click the box to read more about the $650 Lifestyle package.

Professional | $1200

At this level, you’re not only getting an incredible portfolio package and service platform that is more practical than any new headshot investment currently available, but goes far beyond as a personal marketing and social portal.  Click the box for more details on the $1200 Professional investment.

Artist Elite | $2400

This is a soup-to-nuts “experience.”  There’s nothing like this package offered, anywhere.  If you want the best, you’ve actually found it.  Click on this section for more details on this amazing Artist Elite package that keeps on serving you long after our headshot session, for $2400.

Below are links to a few more galleries and photography work I have on this site.  I’m also happy to discuss commission work for specific photography you may be thinking about for your home or commercial space.  Additionally, I’m free and happy to work with other Photographers for special projects.

Premium Photography

Click here to see my featured gallery of premium photography, mostly Boston cityscapes with some landscape and seascape images mixed in.

Professional Headshots

I’ve been shooting headshots, portraits, composites, portfolios and comp-cards for about 20 years. Click here for examples of my recent work.

Urban Photography

My urban, street and “many other things” gallery is still under construction, so this portal doens’t link to anything, yet.  I will be working hard to get this gallery populated, soon.
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