I’ve always been fascinated by this water plant structure at the back of Deer Island.  I know a water plant isn’t a very sexy topic for a photograph, but the shape and massive size of everything, combined with its location right at the edge of the water–makes for a pretty interesting image.

I had just reached the back corner of Deer Island and got lucky with a pretty aggressive looking cloud hanging right over the plant as the sun was setting.  I was going to try for a longer exposure but the wind was starting to pick up and I had one of my smaller, lighter tripods which really wasn’t up to the job.  I went ahead and shot it hand-held and called it a day.

With somewhere around sixty acres of park land surrounding these huge tanks I almost never get tired of the view or shooting the island or the ocean view. I took the above shot from the back corner of the 2.6-mile perimeter pathway which is great to walk, bike or run… pick your poison.

entry to deer island

nice place to start

I think the first few times you make a trip out here you subconsciously pick a favorite of one of the two directions you can take off from to get around the island (not withstanding the car route the plant employees take).  The shot here to the right (or above) has always been my preferred entry.  Depending on the wind each day, you’re going to get hit one way or another for about half the journey–and it always seems to be a little lighter starting from this side.

There was another nice cloud cover I was lucky to shoot from the other side of the harbor about an hour earlier, that image can be seen here: CLOUDS OVER BOSTON.