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Hey sport… so, I hope you guys are well, sort of wondering what continent you’re on? I thought I’d go ahead and initiate a little postmortem on your site since it’s been completed and live for approximately 56+ days, probably well over two months by the time you get around to reading this, and I haven’t heard one positive word, any talk about payment or even a simple thanks from you with regard to the site in general—quite strange.  Maybe you think it just utterly sucks, I don’t know?  If so, just let me know, anything’s better than total silence, I can still go back and completely redo stuff you may not like… and I sincerely hope you don’t think it’s that terrible!?!

Westgate Networks
Site Live 55 Days | 12/21/2020

Beyond quietly suggesting I might correct the aforementioned language on the site (parts you didn’t like about home networking), I’m starting to feel I wouldn’t/won’t hear another word about your website—kinda like the previous website.  So, I thought now is as good a time as any to do a really quick rundown on the basics, financials and future plans-if any.  I’m very quickly going to summarize dollars and cents with your build, so bear with me for a second-it makes more sense at the end.

With the initial agreement we made about pay not withstanding, allow me here to just break it all down so there is some perspective and clarity with the whole job.  Right up to October 27, 2020 my logged hours on your site were 59.  I’ve worked quite a bit more since then but I’m just going to leave it all at 59-at this stage – it seems to be moot, anyway.  The Theme, tools, plugins, page-builders, etc., which I paid for out of my pocket, came to right at $300.  Don’t worry, I absolutely won’t be purchasing any further assets for your site.

So, what I did/am doing in order to get us both on a foundation of common reference—is breaking this down mathematically in such a way as to hopefully make sense to you, and further help you see things as fair and very transparent.  When working by the hour, my rate is $100 to $125.  Certainly your site was never agreed to as a lump-sum cost (specific $ number), nor on an hourly structure.  Therefore, to get us all in the ballpark of what you’re actually getting vs. what you’re ‘theoretically’ paying, I need to draw a couple of distinctions.  For starters, I simply dropped everything down to $75 an hour-just because I worked so many hours on it-more than I ever would, ordinarily.  That came to $4,425.  It’s about $1000 more than I’d ordinarily charge for your site (one similar to yours in size and scope… if it had been a lump-sum negotiated deal – I’d have settled up front on $3,500 which would have included several things you don’t seem to want to act upon).  It came out more because the extra hours were poured into photoshop getting all your images customized to you and for your site.  But, neither here nor there.  If I add the $300 cash I specifically paid for elements and tools, then of corse it’s all the way up to $4,725.

Be that as it may, few people know your outlook and perspective with regard to the value (lack thereof) you find in things like websites and computers—better than me … so, I came up with the very ridiculous and quite arbitrary figure of “EIGHT-FIVE-PERCENT” to discount the entire cost of all my work, and then work backward to a figure you may find palatable.  I did the math a couple of different ways, adding everything up and then just taking 85% right off the top, and they both come to about $700 give or take.  So there’s even a discount on the website parts I paid full price for, pretty amazing–right, LOL?  So, moving on, the figure being just north of $4,700 with parts and labor in your case, I nevertheless would hold at $3,500 (under normal circumstances).  For the math in this circumstance, I left it at $700 and simply wacked 85% off that to come to the final resting price of $700.  I sincerely hope you find this is beyond fair, since I’m truly getting hosed.

Now, back to the beginning and the issue of our agreement.  At the time you asked me to build the site and advised you’d pay me… you might recall me saying something along the lines of “fine, don’t worry about it now, you can pay me when I’m done and decided at that time what it’s worth to you…” and maybe a few other words to that effect.

Okay, so here we are.  In light of what you’ve gotten, I hope you can see and feel an asking price of $700 is winning the lotto here for you?

You can think of the $700 as just my labor and you’re getting a $3,740 discount and I will simply eat the $300 for the purchased items.  Or, you can look at it like I’m getting paid $400 for the site and you’re getting a $3,440 discount instead, and compensating me for the themes, tools, plugins, page-builders, etc.  It’s just semantics, honestly— since it works out the same either way you do the math. The stark reality is at the $400 mark, when it’s all said and done, I’m coming in at $6.78 per hour to build your website–less than half of minimum wage.  And, make no mistake, in-spite of your uncanny reticence about the work done for you here, you need to realize your site isn’t good, nor is it very good, it’s exceptional… and for just under 7 bucks an hour, it’s spectacularly-mind blowing!  As I intimated, however, in light of your appearing quite caviler about everything, I’m just going to assume I’m missing something huge here, and leave it at that.  I’ve been trying to figure out what it could be, but have not had any luck.  No good deed ever goes unpunished, they say.smile

Finally, and to the particulars of our deal… I said you could pay me what you think it’s worth when everything is completed.  As far as I can tell, that’s where we are.  So, the luck doesn’t stop here for you, either.  You can now take the minuscule, fractional sum of $700 and decide how much of THAT you even want to pay.  I have a link to a payment center below which will let you pay whatever it’s worth to you.

Okay old boy, that’s about it for me at the moment.  I hope this finds you and the family happy and well and hope you guys are having a good Christmas.  Stay out of trouble and I guess I’ll chat with you when I chat with you!  YeeHaa!

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